The Power of 4

The Power of 4

The Power of 4

Power of 4 Workout - Fitness


The new Tony Horton fitness program, The Power of 4 Workout, includes approximately 25 routines (not including LIVE workouts). It’s a 4 month fitness program, and has plenty of options to modify (power up or power down) depending if you want more intensity or if you’re just starting out. This program will teach you how to increase or decrease your range of motion, and how to change up your schedule as needed to avoid injury. Plus, with Tony Horton, there are plenty of ways to avoid boredom and prevent plateaus.

Power of 4 Workout - Mindfulness


Mindset is your attitude, and your attitude is everything. How you think and feel about this journey will determine whether or not you’ll THRIVE in the end. Knowing how and when to slow down, be present, and enjoy the moment are the essential ingredients for succeeding long term with The Power of 4 by Tony Horton™.

Power of 4 Workout - Nutrition and Supplements


The Power of 4 workout by Tony Horton includes nutrition plans, recipes and cooking videos to help you make the right choices when it comes to your nutrition. A solid workout program will only take you so far. If you want the best results, nutrition is key. The food you eat and drink will impact your overall fitness and well-being. We can all use help in the kitchen, take advantage of all the tools included to make this your most successful program ever.

Power of 4 Workout - Nutrition and Supplements


Just about every high school, college, Olympic, and professional athlete is taking supplements. Why? Because if you take the right ones, they “supplement” the quality of the nutrients in your diet. For example, the combination of HMB and Vitamin D in Power Life™ protein cannot be found in meat or fish. These scientific breakthroughs drastically enhance recovery and performance.

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Power of 4 Workouts is accessible on many devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs, streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player.

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Welcome to Power of 4 My name is Robert Harden, and I’m an affiliate for Tony Horton. You may have visited my other fitness website, In 2006, I  decided that I needed to live a healthier lifestyle for my kids.  So I stated my fitness journey with Power 90, followed by numerous rounds of P90X, and then every other Tony Horton fitness program after that.  I wanted others to find the success that I did, so I also decided to become a fitness coach in 2007.

Fast forward, that’s why I’m here, I believe Tony Horton can help you find health and fitness just like he did for me more than 14 years ago and counting. To be completely transparent, I’m an affiliate for Tony, meaning if you decide to try sign up for this program, I get a small commission. The program is exactly the same, and costs exactly the same regardless of where you decide to purchase.

But its more than that, I was one of Tony’s founding members for this program, and had the opportunity to BETA test the program as it was created.  I believe you will have the best success of your life if you apply the 4 principles of this program.  Good. luck!


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